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Rival Surf Paradise Slot Machine

Surf Paradise slots from Rival Gaming continues the Rival tradition of beautiful graphics and smooth slots play, and even is a decent 3 reel 2 coin slot machine with nothing fancy, but that can not overcome my resistance to recommend this slot. For more details, see the odds section below.

The top payout on Surf Paradise slots is 200 coins, won by hitting three wave symbols and wagering 2 coins. Other symbols include bars, surf boards and palm trees.

For payout odds, a screen shot, where to play for free and the Surf Paradise slots pay table, please see below.

Surf Paradise Slots Pay Table


1 Coin 2 Coin
3 Waves 750 2000
3 Palm Trees 70 140
Any 3 Waves and Palm Trees 60 120
3 Triple Bars 50 100
3 Double Bars 40 80
3 Single Bars 30 60
3 Surf Boards 15 30
Any 3 Bars 5 10
2 Surf Boards 3 6
1 Surf Board 1 2

Surf Paradise Slots Screen Shot

Play Free Surf Paradise Slots

Rival Surf Paradise Slots Odds

I don't know how to put it any other way than to simply say the 94.51% payout percentage odds for Rival Gaming Surf Paradise slots sucks. I like 3 reel slot machines, but I would not play this one. Under 95% return is just too low, especially when it doesn't offer a super high jackpot possibility.

Free Surf Paradise Slots

As I mentioned above, I do not recommend the Surf Paradise slot machine slot machine from Rival Gaming for real money play, but if you want to play Free Surf Paradise slots, that is a different story. It is a cool game when you don't have any cash on the line. Visit Superior Casino to play for free today.

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