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Rival Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist I Slot Machine

Reel Crime Slots is the second in a line of interactive slots by Rival Gaming. For the uninitiated, interactive slots have cutaway scenes which tell a story as you play the slots game.

Reel Crime is based on the imagery of Prohibition Era gangsterism. The caper is a bank robbery, planned and executed by your gang of bank robbers.

Reel Crime Slots Game Specifications

Reel Crime Slots is a 5-reel, 15-line i-slot. The coin denominations on this game range between simple penny slots all the way up to 1 dollar per spin. This means you can play for as low as $0.01 or as high as $75 per spin.

Reel Crime slots games are powered by Rival Gaming. Whether you are on a Mac or Microsoft computer, you will be able to interface with this casino software.

Reel Crime Slots Storyline

The storyline is separated into four different chapters. These include the Planning Stage (for the robbery), In the Bank, Dynamite and On The Run. If this seems a little confusing, Reel Crime slots has its own game map, which helps you keep track of how far you've gotten.

Each of the four game stages leads to more bonus money. Each stage has its own interactive cut scene.

The Dynamite Free Spin Symbols

When dynamite symbols appear, this triggers a free spin mode. When you hit 2 dynamites, this equates to only 1 free spin (which is actually one more free spin than most games give for 2 symbols). 3 dynamite icons equals 5 free spins, while 4 dynamites equal 10 free spins.

The biggest free spin combo on Reel Crime Slots is 5 dynamites, which includes not only 25 free spins, but a 5x multiplier on any coins you win during that mode. Most multipliers on free spin modes are only 3x.

The Tommy Gun Scatter Symbol

When the machine gun icon comes up, this activates the bonus games. 5 scatters equal 35 coins, though it's the bonus game which is such an advantage to win. 3 or more guns automatically advances a player to the Stage 2: Outside the Bank stage.

Stage 3 is when the authorities get involved. You have to help your robbers get away from the cops. Oddly enough, the 4th stage is dynamite, when you either get caught or blow up the bank. This makes your robbers seem more like bomber terrorists, but I guess no one is in the bank. I always thought the bank robbers used dynamite to get into the safe. Either way, it's a good thing to make it to the dynamite stage.

Other Jackpot Symbols on Reel Crime Slots

The moneybags icon pays off a top jackpot of 600 coins. The gunman in silhouette is worth a top jackpot of 750 coins. Other symbols to look out for are the billy club, the fedora hat, spats, a bottle of booze and a machine gun guitar case. Each of these is worth 200 to 250 coins per maximum jackpot.

Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist I Slots Pay Table

Reel Crime Bank Heist Pay Table

Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist I Slots Screen Shot

Rival Reel Crime Bank Heist Free Slots

Rival Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist I Slots Odds

Unlike the majority of slots offered by Rival Gaming casinos, Reel Crime Bank Heist does not list the expected rate of return odds. The return percentage on Reel Crime 2 slots is 97.5%, but I have no way of knowing if it is the same for Reel Crime 1 slots.

Free Reel Crime 1 Bank Heist I Slots

Free Reel Crime Bank Heist slots can be downloaded and played for free at Superior Casino or any of the other casinos with banners at the top of the page. These are all casinos using the Rival Gaming software platform and each has the interactive slots available.

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