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Rival Gold Rush Slot Machine

Rival Gaming's Gold Rush Slots is a fairly simple three reel slot machine that allows you to bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per spin. the Gold Rush slot machine only has one pay line. It does have a wild symbol, the Gold Miner.

Other game symbols on Gold Rush slots are Bags of Money, Triple Bars which appear to be gold, Double Bars which look silver, Single Bars which I have no idea what they are supposed to be and Mining Pans.

I like Gold Rush because it is a simple slot machine, but with a top payout of only 400 coins and a return percentage under 96.5%, I look for slightly better games.

There is a screen shot, pay table, free play information and details about Gold Rush slots odds below.

Gold Rush Slots Pay Table


1 Coin 2 Coin 3 Coin
3 Gold Miners 100 200 400
3 Pans 20 40 60
3 Money Bags 15 30 45
3 Triple Bars 10 20 30
3 Double Bars 5 10 15
3 Single Bars 3 6 9
Any 3 Bars 1 2 3
Any 2 Money Bags 1 2 3

The wild symbol is the gold miner. 1 gold miner doubles your win and 2 gold miners pays 4 times your winning combination.

Gold Rush Slots Screen Shot

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Rival Gold Rush Slots Odds

Gold Rush slots offers a 96.47% payout odds ratio. This means that for every $100 you put through the slot machine your average return percentage will give you back $96.47. This does not mean when you sit down with 100 and play till it is gone, it means 100 $1 bets, or 200 .50 bets, etc. This is also just an average rate of return. Over a normal playing session, or actually many playing sessions, your results may be much higher or lower.

Free Gold Rush Slots

Free Gold Rush slots can be played at an Rival Gaming casino (they are all listed on this site) or if you just want to play as soon as possible, click on the screen shot above to go to a Rival casino or visit This Is Vegas.

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