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Rival Cleopatras Coins Slot Machine

Cleopatras Coins slots from Rival Gaming is one of the funnest video slot machines I have played. Now I will admit that I am not a big fan of video slots and all the funky pay lines and scatter symbols and bonus features, but when I finally figured out that all of the money was in the free spin scatters and bonus round, those were the only symbols I watched for. Any other win just wasn't worth trying to figure out.

The Cleopatra's Coins slot machine uses 15 pay lines and up to 5 coins per line. The free spin symbol is a Poisonous Asp, which looks like a Cobra, and the bonus round symbols are Gold Coins, I am assuming supposedly belonging to Cleopatra. Other pay symbol combinations can be seen below.

There is a pay table screen shot, a screen shot of the reels, a discussion of playing Cleopatras Coins for free and the listed odds below.

Cleopatra's Coins Slots Pay Table

Rival Cleopatras Coins Slots Pay Table

Cleopatras Coins Slots Screen Shot

Free Cleopatra's Coins Slots

Rival Cleopatra's Coins Slots Odds

The odds based rate of return percentage for Rival Gaming Cleopatra's Coins slots is 96.13%. This is not bad as far as video slots go, but the big money is in the bonus round, so you can go a long time between decent payouts. This makes the return seem lower than it is if you are in a dry spell.

Free Cleopatras Coins Slots

Every Rival casino offers the chance to play free Cleopatra's Coins slots or to play it for real money. To read reviews of the casinos offering Cleopatras Coins, just click on the Rival Gaming Casinos link in the menu to the right. To play now, visit Mayan Fortune casino.

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