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The Rival Gaming Baccarat tables, payouts and odds are pretty much industry standard, so you shouldn't find any surprises if you are a Baccarat player.

I have included a screen shot of the Rival baccarat game below, as well as the expected odds, or rate of return for the game.

Rival Baccarat uses an 8 deck shoe which is shuffled after each round of play.

Rival Gaming Baccarat

Rival Gaming Baccarat
(Rival Gaming Baccarat Screenshot)

Bets placed on the player pay 2 to 1, bets placed on the dealer or banker pay 2 to 1 minus a 5% fee and bets on a tie pay 9 to 1.

Baccarat is a pretty simple game to play and the hourly win / loss rate stays pretty consistent. In other words, playing Baccarat at a Rival casino is just like playing anywhere else. You can play for a long time because the casino takes your money slowly, but Baccarat can't be beat over any extended period of time.

Rival Baccarat Odds Payouts

According to Superior Casino, a Rival Gaming Casino, their Baccarat game pays an expected 98.94% payout, which is pretty standard Baccarat odds. I am sure the odds and payouts are the same across all the Rival casinos.

Free Rival Gaming Baccarat

Please visit any Rival Gaming Casino listed on this site in order to play free Rival Baccarat or play for real money when you decide to try to win some cash.

Baccarat Information Online

DMOZ has an entire category devoted to the game of baccarat.

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